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Grand Gathering of Glass Communities in Beijing

, China Glass 2015

The 26th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2015) will be staged at China International Exhibition Centre (new venue) in Beijing on 20-23 May 2015. The exhibition takes place in all eight halls of the exhibition centre and the exhibition area reaches 100,000 square meters for the first time. Eight hundred glass enterprises from the world over are expected to participate in this magnificent event and the exhibition will attract a great number of professional visitors in the world.

In 2014, the glass industry of China confronted serious situation due to unfavourable factors such as declined market of real estate. 2015 is the end year of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period of China, and the Chinese economy has now entered a state of new normal, while the western economy is recovering gradually out of predicament. China Glass 2015 is therefore faced with a test and challenges. Owing to joint efforts of the organizer and all sides of the glass industry, China Glass 2015 is still attractive to companies all over the world, including not only world-famous transnational glass enterprises or groups, but also numerous middle- and small-sized companies. By the end of 2014, some 700 companies from 27 countries have their booths fixed at the show, and still many others are negotiating with the organizer. The exhibitors involve comprehensive business ranges related to glass-manufacturing, -processing and -finishing machinery and technologies along with academic, educational, research, engineering and design institutions; publishing, consulting and trading organizations and agents. China Glass 2015 will surely become another grand gathering of global glass communities.

Glass companies out of China are showing great interest in this glass show despite various economic problems they are facing at present. The leading glass companies such as Von Ardenne, Grenzebach, Benteler, ISRA, Klöpper, Horn and Kömmerling from Germany, Gimav, Fenzi, Bottero, Profilglass and Bovone from Italy, Air Products&Chemicals, Henry F. Teichmann and Glasstech from the US, Shimadzu, AGC and Sekisui from Japan, Stain and Air Liquede from France and Dip Tech from Israel have decided to attend the show. Up to the end of 2014 more than 130 international companies from 26 countries have been allocated booths, in addition to over 70 probable exhibitors from the Italian, German and American pavilions, occupying 1100, 700 and 400 square meters, respectively. More than 20 companies from Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, Malaysia will join the China Glass show for the first time. This is positive news considering the current world’s economic situation.

Chinese glass companies are enthusiastic as before over the coming event. As of the end of 2014, nearly 600 companies registered. Among them Luoyang North Glass rented a booth as large as 800 square meters. Other leading enterprises of the Chinese glass industry such as Luoyang Mingte, Luoyang Land, Liaoning Lewei, Guangdong EI Automation, Shunde Golive, Zhejiang Topglass have booths of 600-800 square meters each. Taiwan Glass Group, China National Aviation Sanxin, Chengdu Guibao, Hangzhou Zhijiang, Guangdong Ivaco, Shabo Glass Group, Guangdong Fushan, Jinjing Group, CSG Holding, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington and China Triumph will rent booths of about 100-400 square meters each. A number of exhibitors will enlarge their booths based on the last event due to their good feedback. Hohhot Original Peak Glass Company asked to extend their booth from 9 to 400, Glassman Machinery, from 180 to 512 square meters, and Hangzhou Puyu, Parker Machinery, Foshan Timbery, Luoyang Gangxin and Beijing LTXH, up to 300 square meters. Some companies have quit China Glass for years, but will reappear at this year’s show. Guangzhou Baiyun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., an old-brand company specializing in sealants production, will return to China Glass, booking a booth of 135 square meters. Hangzhou Shining 3D Technology will come to China Glass for the first time besides many others and their advanced Shining 3D-Camera, Shining 3D-Scanner and related techniques will be on display.

Recognized as an international assembly of glass communities in the world, China Glass 2015 will cover almost all fields pertinent to glass production, representing contemporary development of the industry. With the change of China’s economy from the traditional mode to the middle and high end, the glass industry has scored achievements in the course of pattern transform and structural adjustment. At this year’s exhibition, besides traditional glass-processing technology and equipment and glass products, diversified special glass products, manufacturing technology and machinery, especially new products, technology and equipment relevant to low-carbon economy, energy conservation, emission reduction, new energy and green building materials will be eye-catching points for the public.

Furthermore, as a platform of glass circles in the world for communication and technical exchanges, China Glass 2015 will arrange several academic activities, conducted to discuss and study such interesting topics as sustainable development and market status and trend of the global glass industry, more effective application of new glass-processing technologies and glass products. The Chinese Ceramic Glass will organize a high-end forum, focusing on transform and upgrading of the glass industry in the “new normal” and future development of the industry. The Glaston Group will introduce their newly developed glass-processing technology and equipment, Air Liquede will present the new advance in liquid air technology applied to the glass industry, Luoyang Land and other Chinese companies will give technical lectures about new generation tempering furnaces, coating technology and so on.

, China Glass 2015

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