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New integrated IT solutions for glasstec 2014

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A+W expands current generation of software

A+W 2014: The market leader has expanded and revised its product range. The focus is on innovative solutions that provide more information, more transparency, and new user-friendly features. Many smaller companies are pleased with the overarching A+W Business Pro solution, which was well received around the world. Also new within the “optimizations” core competency is the A+W Defect Optimizer – a truly green solution that saves its users not only a lot of materials and time, but also significantly reduces their CO2 footprint. There are other special optimizations which complement this highlight. The A+W Discovery BI tool, integrated into A+W Business, is now also available for SMEs. A+W Dashboard, a control and monitoring tool for production managers with high information density and a clear, user-friendly graphic layout, can be used on the move on smartphones, tablet PCs, and PDAs. In terms of archiving, A+W has the A+W SharePoint DMS system, a comprehensive document management system which integrates with A+W Enterprise and A + W Business.

For small and medium-sized enterprises: A + W Business Pro

Smaller glassmakers and commercial enterprises need an integrated software tool that maps the processes in the office and the production facilities on an ergonomic interface in a user-friendly manner. Order data must be automatically available during manufacturing to ensure automated processing and the optimization of the cutting process.

A+W Business Pro is an integrated and cost-effective entry-level solution for small and medium-sized companies where order processing and production planning are fully integrated.

A+W’s commercial solution not only assists in the preparation of quotes, orders, credit memos, complaints, delivery notes and administration of orders and enquiries, but also in the control of other departments within the company (e.g. warehousing, purchasing, shipping, etc.).

The order data is right on hand for production planning. Thanks to the integrated “Wizard” function, the process of cycle formation and optimization through to production release can be performed in virtually one click.

Remove defects through optimization: save on materials – protect the environment

The A+W Defect Optimizer has identified two defects on a jumbo plate and marked the affected sheets in the breakout display.
Result of the re-optimization: Two panes could be saved, the third is put into the breakage pool. For a Jumbo sheet with two defects, which would have damaged three panes, a remarkable result.

Due to production issues, jumbos are not error-free. In a cross section, there are an average of 0.6 flaws per bearing plate. This causes not only material and process costs, but also increases energy consumption across the entire value chain. Damage to high-quality functional glass is especially annoying and expensive. Thanks to new, intelligent optimization software which uses advanced detection systems, this is now possible: the inspection system detects critical defects and sends the coordinates to the A+W Defect-Optimizer. The system automatically recognizes the affected panes and marks them on the breakout display. The A+W Defect-Optimizer then modifies the cross section – insofar as the time remaining allows for this. The defect is placed with the offcuts where possible or, if not, moved to the smallest possible pane. Remaining defects are marked and placed in the fracture pool. Tests have shown that the A+W Defect Optimizer reduces the number of defective panes by 50% on average, and reduces the affected pane surface by over 70%.

A+W Dashboard: for visualizing key production data

A+W Dashboard: Depiction of production KPI data – browser based, they can be used also on mobile devices.

A+W Dashboard, thanks to its high integration with A+W Discovery and A+W Production, merges all the information from the current production process in a clear manner and makes it available to the production manager in real time in a graphic form.

Current machine statuses and possible bottlenecks are quickly identified and made available in real time, and with a high level of information density.

An easy-to-use HTML configurator enables the production manager to define customized views. The system can be used on desktop computers or on the move on tablet PCs or smartphones.

  • A+W Discovery is a business intelligence  tool for senior and middle management
  • A+W Dashboard is a real-time monitoring tool for the production management

The two systems combined provide a complete overview of statistical and real-time data.

Delivery logistics under control with the A+W Logistics Optimizer: Pinpoint delivery only works with intelligent software, all fleets- and traffic parameters considered holistically.

Optimizing delivery logistics

Anyone offering their customers a fixed delivery date needs to manage their delivery logistics in a safe and reliable manner. The A+W Logistics Optimizer automatically plans the shortest route, taking into account all destinations, so as to reduce time and costs. This solution integrates all truck and route parameters and analyzes the driving times to ensure that deliveries or pick-ups are performed within the planned schedules. This solution can generate sequences where deliveries can be made to high-priority destinations in advance. Routes are adjusted according to traffic in order to achieve the best result. During route calculation, parameters such as storage space (loading meters), delivery times, downtime or priorities chosen by the user are taken into account. On request, the A+W Logistics Optimizer can complement all commercial A+W systems, including A+W Business Pro.

Would you like to know more about the new A+W highlights? We look forward to seeing you at glasstech 2014! Amongst other things, you can have a sneak preview of a new, web-based product configurator!

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