Seeing the Unseen: Tiama´s Innovative Hot End Inspection System

The Tiama HOT eye is the sensor dedicated to the defects detection and dimensional measurements at the hot end. Thanks to its innovative approach, the sensor achieves exceptional defects detection capabilities. 

The system is composed of two high-definition cameras and a light source flashing in infrared. The Tiama HOT eye works with the same principle as the cold end machines by measuring the light transmission. Synchronized with the IS machine, the sensor records container images and provides statistics, enabling to know on which cavity defects have been produced.

The use of visible cameras instead of infrared cameras allows a complete inspection of the containers, there is no limitation due to the radiation of the articles. Indeed, with the infrared technology, areas like the bottom and finish may appear very bright or dark, making it difficult to see defects in these critical zones.

Detecting critical defects at the hot end is a first step in the process monitoring approach. The system's high-quality images facilitate quick and accurate analysis by operators. Real-time defects detection at the hot end allows for immediate adjustments to the process parameters, preventing the creation of faulty containers that might only be identified later at the cold end. 

The Tiama HOT eye has proven its effectiveness. Data measured by plants equipped with the Tiama HOT eye has shown that seven times more critical defects have been seen at the hot end since the system was installed. On average, blocked pallets were reduced by 20%, and customer complaints were divided by 2, leading to significant cost savings.

The Tiama HOT eye aligns perfectly with the YOUniverse concept, where six key expertise work together to create smart factories. Traceability, Inspection, Intelligence, Sampling, and Services are all very important in the Tiama strategy, and Monitoring is key for the YOUniverse to live.

17.04.2024, TIAMA

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