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Glass Tempering Line for architectural glass 4-19mm

日期 08.11.2017
Type of trade for purchase
类型 机械和工具, 冷端线
生产年代 new
数量 one
位置 for India (Mysore Karnataka)
简略描述 Complete glass tempering tempering line including cutting, drilling, washing for sizes 2440x3660 requested


We are planning to open the new plant of Glass Tempering or Glass Processing Unit

We need the Machines For unit so please send me the quotation for the below mentioned Machines and also technical details, we have planning to visit the plant to purchase the machines.

  • Semi Automatic Glass Cutting Machine.
    2440x3660mm with automatic loading from 6 racks, breaking table.
    glass thickness from 4mm to 19 mm cutting capacity.
    Low E Glass And Quoted Glass Handling Capacity
  • Edge Arising Machines
  • Manual Arissing Belt Based
  • Edge Polishing Machines
  • 10 Wheel Polishing Machine With 45 Degree Beveling
    Glass Thickness From 4mm to 19mm Cutting Capacity
  • Drilling Machines
    Automated and Manual Mode, Hole Drilling From 5mm to 250 mm .
    Glass Thickness from 4mm to 19mm cutting capacity
  • Glass Washing Machine ( Horizontal )
    glass thickness from 4mm to 19mm cutting capacity
    2440x3660sheet capacity
    Low E glass and coated glass handling.
  • 1 Glass Tempering Furnace L/B 2.44mtrs / 5 mtrs Furnace Single Bay,
    Min Thickness Of glass 4.0 mm and Max is 19.0 mm Convection Basis Furnace.
    Glass Size 150mm to 300mm,
    Per Bed Load How Many Percentage bed load can do ,
    * Fully Tempering And Heat Shrinking
  • Quoted Glass Offline 3 Layered Quoted TIN QUOTE.



交货运输 Need the quotation for the Above Mentioned Machines Separately for FOB and alternatively CIF India