Thanks to its powerful 32bit DSP processor, an AKGrad32 calculates true RMS U, I, P and R for each phase in a closed loop and compensates temperature drifts of the heaters as well as power supply fluctuations. The powerful measurement system also enables:

  • High precision closed-loop kW, rate %, I² or U² regulation and real-time adaptation to the power line variations;
  • Phase angle soft start for loads with high cold/hot variation and load failure diagnosis;
  • Patented soft-start firing for inductive downstream transformer which avoids any over current peak due to magnetic current;
  • Protections against over current peak, instantaneous correction against voltage slowdown or load surge;
  • Patented algorithm integrated into each AKGrad32 control card for power savings and flicker suppression with the SYNCHRO feature (optional).

The AKGrad32 comes as a plug-and-play solution ready for standalone installation or as a component within a control cabinet. The integrated cooling facilities are optimized to meet the highest standards in compact sizing and low noise level operation.

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