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Container Glass Factory in South America to replace furnace and expand capacity in 2024

The factory plans to replace/expand the current 100 tpd furnace with an investment of approx 37 million Euro in first half of 2024. Products are beer bottles for export to


    Central European Pharma Glass producer plans furnace rebuild

    One of the two furnaces in the factory will be rebuilt to reduce the factory emissions by approx. 20%, changing furnace technology to higher electricity


      Expansion in USA for flat glass processing factory confirmed

      The company will invest approx. 145 million Euro to double current production capacity for processing of architectural glass and add over 330 new


        Plans underway for construction of 82 million architectural glass plant in Eastern Africa

        The production of glass for architectual appliances capacity is given with approx. 600 tpd and startup with Q3


          Glass factory for float glass for solar modules and solar panel factory in South-East Asia

          The company plans to build the world’s second-largest glass and solar panel factory, taking advantage of the abundant quartz sand around the location. The investment for the glass site is given with approx. 700 million


            East Africa project for float glass factory expansion with 500 tpd

            The factory has just launched a production site with 700 tpd for architectural glass and


              Pharma Glass Producer plans Furnace Rebuild in 2024 in Eastern Asia

              The company produces approx. 170 tpd of flint and ultra clear glass in a side port furnace and announced significant investment in the location by


                Upgrading or replacing - Batch Charger cabinet exchange on Furnace in Central Asian company

                The company operates a glass factory producing jars and bottles for food, soft drinks and


                  Container Glass Factory for approx. 300 tpd, soft drink bottles in Middle East

                  The company produces soft drinks and wants to build a factory for approx. 500 mio flint glass bottles/year, with options to expand to green and


                    Indian Glass confirms 3rd furnace for soda-lime glass

                    The company announces plans to build production plant for transparent


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