Updated worldwide glass market study 2024 available now for flat, container glass and tableware

We have updated our international studies on flat glass, container glass and tableware for 2024.

This unique software provides a global overview about glass producers and technical details. Easy to use and clear tables summarize information and data about glass makers such as: Glass types: flat glass, container glass, tableware, production capacities in regions and countries, number of furnaces, furnace types, year of construction, glass types and sub-types, products, project information, special news and downloads.

Further databases supplying demoscopic data and import and export data complete the market survey. Based on these data, prepare individual country profiles with information about local production capacities, local market sizes and expected demand in the future.

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Updated container glass study 2024


Updated float glass study 2024


Further glass studies and reports 2024




地址 Arkema SA
420 rue d´Estienne d´Orves
92705 Colombes Cedex
国家 法国
电话号码 0033 1 49 00 86 55
传真 0033 1 49 00 83 96
电子邮箱 Get in contact with Arkema SA
互联网 www.glasscoating-arkema.com
职员 19000 (in 2015)
年营业额 7,7 billion € (in 2015)
创建年份 2006


联系方式 1. Manon Servais
Global Business Manager
Phone: 0033 67776 2528
联系方式 2. Annie Duval
Executive Assistant - Functional Additives


For glass manufacturers :

Certinadvance® : new combination of product and equipment for hot and cold end coating.

Hot end coatings with Certincoat® : Applying a uniform hot-end coating of tin-oxide, to a glass container provides an excellent surface for cold-end coating adhesion

Cold end coatings with Tegoglas® : It is the most widely recognized name in cold-end coating products around the world - a name that means quality, performance and ease of application.

For bottlers :

Kercoat®: Protecting coating for returnable glass bottles - Beer, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water markets

Opticoat®: Masking coating for returnable glass bottles - Beer, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water markets"

For flat glass :

Certincoat product range

  • Certincoat® low emissivity coatings combine exceptional energy savings performance with the durability and ease of handling of clear glass.
  • Certincoat® Pyrolytic Low E coatings impart windows with superior reflectivity and allow for the absorption of light or heat energy.
  • Certincoat® On-Line CVD system integrated into the glass making process, Certincoat CVD technology is available only for the float glass manufacturer.



France’s leading chemicals producer, Arkema is aiming to become one of the global leaders in specialty chemicals. With its 19.000 employees and 136 production plants in 50 countries, Arkema has a revenue of €7.7 billion.

Arkema is building the future of the chemical industry using a responsible, innovation-based approach.


The Glass Coating team is strong of about 35 years of experience. Across the years, Arkema has been a real pioneer of the glass coating market. Thanks to our R&D, we have made the HEC landscape evolve in particular through the patent of the double loop system (link to Certincoat® hot-end coating) and very freshly with our new technologies T-Hood and Single Liner (link to Certinadvance®).

Further, we propose adapted technologies to complete the glass care through solution for returnable glass bottles (Kercoat® and Opticoat®).

Arkema participates in following events this year:

        Drinktec - Munchen -September 11-15 2017