Updated worldwide glass market study 2024 available now for flat, container glass and tableware

We have updated our international studies on flat glass, container glass and tableware for 2024.

This unique software provides a global overview about glass producers and technical details. Easy to use and clear tables summarize information and data about glass makers such as: Glass types: flat glass, container glass, tableware, production capacities in regions and countries, number of furnaces, furnace types, year of construction, glass types and sub-types, products, project information, special news and downloads.

Further databases supplying demoscopic data and import and export data complete the market survey. Based on these data, prepare individual country profiles with information about local production capacities, local market sizes and expected demand in the future.

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Updated container glass study 2024


Updated float glass study 2024


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地址 HarbisonWalker International
1305 Cherrington Parkway | Suite 100
Moon Township, PA 15108
国家 美国
电话号码 001 412 3756600
互联网 www.thinkhwi.com
职员 1400
证书 ISO
创建年份 1864


联系方式 1. Gerhard Schmitt
Manager Technics & Sales
联系方式 2. Maegan Hatala
Strategic Marketing


Supplier of Refractory Materials - Brick refractories, Pre-Cast shaped refractories, Monolithic refractories - insulating castables, dense castables, gun mixes, low cement castables/gun mixes, plastics and mortars. Fibre Reinforced Ceramic Composite Blocks and High Emissivity Energy Saving Coatings for Brick Castable & Ceramic Fibre linings.

Website: https://thinkhwi.com/industries-home

Container glass furnaces provide large-scale production of beer bottles, wine bottles, glassware, and other food containers. In these furnaces, the glass will be carried to IS machines via forehearths. Some designs will utilize the regenerator concept (either cross fired or end fired), whereas others will utilize oxy-fuel firing, which eliminates the need for regenerators.

Regenerators utilize checker brick to improve efficiencies by taking advantage of the excellent heat exchange properties inherent in ceramic materials. As the furnace exhausts through the checker packing, the bricks are preheated by the waste gases, providing a source of energy to preheat the combustion air when the cycle is reversed. Regenerator efficiencies can be affected by a variety of factors, from pack design to regenerator size. The materials utilized by the regenerators must be able to withstand many different forms of attacks, such as corrosion by alkalis, silica, and sulfates, as well as thermal shock and creep. The selection of refractories is critical to the operation and life cycle of the regenerator.

Combinations of the NARMAG® family of products, NIKE family of products, and KALA® are used to provide the best-performing regenerator. In the melter construction, the paving consists of AZS materials like VISION®, zircon ram like TZ® 748 RAM MIX, and zircon brick like TZB®, with a clay flux backup material like CRYLA® XXL and insulation like GREENTHERM. Since the sidewalls and breast walls most commonly consist of fused-cast AZS and the crown of silica, zircon is required as a buffer between the possible reaction of the AZS and the silica. TZB® is the industry’s benchmark brand for zircon brick. Forehearths can be either gas fired or electric melted, and some forehearths have the ability to change the color of the glass as it is passed from the melter to the forming machines. Variations in the firing, color, and even the length of the forehearth greatly impact the refractory selection, and zoning is often used to provide the best performance in an economic manner.


HarbisonWalker International (HWI) provides the largest refractory manufacturing capacity to the glass industry in North America. Over 85 years of research and development in the glass market have enabled us to pioneer innovative glass solutions.

About HWI, a member of Calderys

HWI (HarbisonWalker International) is the largest supplier of refractory products and services in the United States, with a history that spans more than 150 years. Acquired in February 2023 by Platinum Equity, it is now part of Calderys and is the brand for the Americas region of the Group.

HWI counts 25 manufacturing sites and 22 distribution centers in the Americas, as well as the largest refractory industry research facility in North America. Serving virtually every major industry that requires refractory solutions to enhance production and protect assets, HWI is consistently recognized for its talented experts, industry firsts, and intensely driven excellence.

One of the world’s leading refractory materials and services providers recently announced the decision to rebrand itself under the new name of HarbisonWalker International.  The decision was made following an exhaustive market research and branding initiative in which one of the company’s legacy brands, Harbison-Walker, returned the highest awareness and positive customer perception of all of the company’s brands, as well as, the brands of the company’s refractory competitors. The former ANH Family of Companies including A.P. Green Refractories Company, North American Refractories Company, and Harbison-Walker Refractories Company, is known as a knowledgeable leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative refractory products for a wide range of industry applications presenting, among other things, challenging heat-intensive or chemically corrosive production environments.

Building on this strong heritage, the new HarbisonWalker International is positioning itself as the first and only choice for comprehensive solutions to address the needs of its growing international customer base.  It also hopes to reinvigorate the strong bond between the company and both its employees and its customers.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, HarbisonWalker International has a network of 18 manufacturing facilities and 30 distribution centers to serve markets across North America, manufacturing facilities in the U.K., Indonesia, and Mexico, as well as, a lab/testing facility located in China.  Industries served include cement & lime, energy, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, glass, iron & steel, aluminum, copper, hydrocarbon and minerals processing and environmental technology industries.