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glass global consulting GmbH 位于德国西部城市杜塞尔多夫(Dueseldorf )。我们的团队包括玻璃技术工程师、商务专家和编程人员, 为您提供多种技术服务。 我公司辖下的网站,, 是全球最大的玻璃工业生产商和供应商的交流社区,他们是我网站的供稿者。 我们的网站由贸易市场、工作市场、技术 咨询、 工业计算软件等版块构成。我们在生产和销售中长期积累起来的技术经验值得您一直信赖!


公司 glass global consulting GmbH
地址 Grafenberger Allee 277 - 287
40237 Düsseldorf
国家 德国
电话号码 0049 211 280733 19
传真 0049 211 280733 22
电子邮箱 Email Contact


姓名 先生 Andrè Ommer
职位 Managing Owner
电话号码 0049 211 280733 0
传真 0049 211 280733 22
电子邮箱 Email Contact


glass global consulting is a new spin-off of GG Community - - the leading internet glass community.

We will help you analyzing and benchmarking your glass production and run projects to reduce costs (with energy costs in particular), minimize CO2 and NOx emissions (with additional returns through emission trading schemes), increase efficiencies, enhance glass quality and optimize productivity.

glass global consulting is a team of professionals with technical, commercial and marketing expertise within glass and works in close cooperation with competent partners.


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PDF 905650 Financial optimisation of furnaces by balancing calculations
In this article the author explores how furnace benchmarking, furnace balance calculation and furnace analysing systems can be used to increse the profitablity of glass production.
PDF 544942 Financial Aspects of Furnace Optimisation
Introduction - Furnace Benchmark - Cost Structure of typical Glass Plants - Profit Increase by Cost Reduction - Profit Increase by Efficiency and Production Increase ect.

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glass global consulting GmbH公司在以下领域提供产品和服务: Emission reduction, Optimization of energy consumption, Technical Calculations, Technical raw material Calculations




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