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UAS Messtechnik GmbH is an innovative company of international reputation in the field of instrumentation engineering. Due to our broad know-how and conclusive complete solutions for all kind of process industry, we are the ideal partner to increase the efficiency of your plant. UAS provides custom-made automation solutions.

Our process management systems ensure a communication based on a highly intelligent structure utilising an open, freely definable architecture.

With our 50 highly qualified employees UAS is able to realize turnkey projects. Worldwide service and after sales support are part of our basic services.

Control systems for glass plants must achieve very high requirements on precision, reproducibility and a maximum of reliability in 24-7 operation. Therefore the combination of traditionally process knowledge and most modern technology is the key to ensure a very high comfort level and the maximum on availability for our customers. Based on our more than 25 years history as supplier of automation and control solutions, UAS has the knowhow to realize the branch specific requirements.

The most significant points in our plants are clear structures, a maximum of safety and a very easy way to control even complex and difficult process parameters.


公司 UAS Messtechnik GmbH
地址 Prof.-Hermann-Staudinger-Str. 4
94234 Viechtach
国家 德国
电话号码 0049 9942 9486 0
传真 0049 9942 9486 10
电子邮箱 Email Contact
职员 ca. 50
年营业额 4 - 6 Mio.
证书 ISO 9001:2008
创建年份 1984
出口价格 70 %
协会 DGG


姓名 先生 工程学位 Martin Möginger
职位 Head Of Project Department
电话号码 0049 9942 9486 0
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 Thomas Donaubauer
职位 Managing Director (CEO)
电话号码 0049 9942 9486 0
传真 0049 9942 9486 7113
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 工程学位 Florian Stadler
职位 Project Engineer
电话号码 0049 9942 9486 40
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 女士 Cinderella Stieglbauer
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 女士 Kerstin Heigl
电话号码 0049 9942 9486 0
传真 0049 9942 9486 10
电子邮箱 Email Contact


  • Process Automation, DCS Systems
  • Plant Wide Automation (PWA)
  • Oxyfuel Combustion Technology
  • Preaheating Technology
  • Bushing Control Systems
  • Optimized Combustion
  • Oxygen Probes
  • ENOx - Primary NOx Reduction
  • ORCODILE - Waste Heat Recovery ORC
  • Polysilicon - Reactor - Converter Technology
  • Float Glass (Furnace / Bath / Lehr)
  • Container Glass (Furnace / Forehearth / Feeder)
  • TFT/LCD - Cover Glass (Overflow and Float Process)
  • Tableware (Furnace / Forehearth / Feeder)
  • Fiber Glass (Furnace / Feeder / Bushing / Sizer Preparation)
  • Glass Tubes (Furnace / Forehearth / Feeder)


  Filetype Filesize    
PDF 8213756 UAS Glass Technology
Global Description Of Products For The Glass Industry
PDF 5356012 UAS Enviromental Technology
Divison Flyer Enviromental Technology
PDF 4440539 UAS Float Glass DCS
Furnace / Bath / Lehr Wanne / Bad / Kühlofen
PDF 2748965 UAS Float Glass Combustion Technology
Under Port / Side Port / Through Port / Oxyfuel
PDF 2492286 UAS Container Glass DCS
Furnace / Forehearth / Feeder WANNE / VORHERD / FEEDER
PDF 2446163 UAS Container Glass Combustion Technology
U-Flame / Cross Fired Furnaces U-Flamme / Querbeheizte Wanne
PDF 1007092 UAS TFT-LCD / Cover Glass
Float Process
PDF 806219 UAS TFT-LCD / Cover Glass
Overflow Process
PDF 3160389 UAS Table Ware
Furnace / Forehearth / Feeder Wanne / Vorherd / Feeder
PDF 1426509 UAS Fiber Glass
Furnace / Feeder / Bushing / Sizer Preparation
PDF 1008372 UAS Glass Tubes
Furnace / Forehearth / Feeder Wanne / Vorherd / Feeder
PDF 2047653 UAS PWA
Plant Wide Automation
PDF 1633598 UAS Oxyfuel Combustion Technology
Oxyfuel Fired Furnaces And Feeders
PDF 2480506 UAS Preaheating Technology
Preheating Gas / Oxygen
PDF 1082165 UAS Optimized Combustion
Optmized Combustion Systems
PDF 1798190 UAS Oxygen Probes
ZRO2 - Oxygen Probe
PDF 1280153 UAS ENOx
Primary NOx Reduction/Primäre NOx Reduktion
PDF 1613559 UAS ORCodile
Waste Heat Recovery ORC WärmerückgeWinnung Orc
PDF 1690094 UAS Polysilicon
Reactor - Converter Technology

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UAS Messtechnik GmbH公司在以下领域提供产品和服务: Burner, Controlling and Automation (MSR), DeNOx Technology, Electric Furnaces, Flame/furnace monitoring system, Glass Fiber Production, Glass fiber production lines, Process Control Systems (also PCS7), Tinbath - Floatglass - Technology, Turnkey / ready to use




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