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cibite - maker of quality assurance systems for glass production

cibite is one of the leading companies in the area of quality assurance for the glass and plastic production. We offer a level of quality assurance that is unsurpassed on the market due to our patented technology. Emhart, the market leader in the area of container glass production systems, is just one company that uses our products in their systems.


公司 cibite AG
地址 Dr.-Friedrich-Drechsler-Str. 14
86609 Donauwörth
国家 德国
电话号码 0049 906 99998230
传真 0049 906 99998239
电子邮箱 Email Contact
职员 16
创建年份 2004


姓名 先生 Dieter Olschewski
职位 CEO
电话号码 0049 906 99998230
电子邮箱 Email Contact


Our product pallet covers the entire spectrum of quality assurance in the glass production area and is suitable for:

  • Container glass
  • Flatware glass
  • Solar glass
  • Medical glass, etc.

Because of our expertise in quality assurance in glass production, we offer a team of experts ranging from physicists to engineers that can find solutions to your special problems. Our spectrum of services includes the development from electronics to the realization of complete systems. We develop the mechanical construction as well as the electrical wiring system. From the programming of the software to the worldwide installation and set up of the systems at your client – Cibite is your service provider you can count on.


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Quality Control and Assurence in the glass production
extern Video Quality Assurance
cibite is the market leader in quality assurance for the glass production
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cibite AG公司在以下领域提供产品和服务: QA-Test-Equipment, Sensors (Frontend), Sensors for Body, Shoulder, Finish, Sensors for containers in all sizes, Sensors for Mold Reader, Lean kit, Out of Round, Stress Testing Equipment, Systems (backend)




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