We consider ourselves to be a complete project engineering team which adapts the specific project organization to the customer´s requirements. Custom made (cm) is therefore not only a part of our company name but also a supporting pillar of our company policy.


公司 GmbH
地址 Helmholtzstraße 24
52428 Jülich
国家 德国
电话号码 0049 2461 981098 0
传真 0049 2461 981098 99
电子邮箱 Email Contact
职员 80+
创建年份 2007


姓名 先生 博士工程师 Daniel Schippan
职位 General Manager
电话号码 0049 2461 981098 0
传真 0049 2461 981098 99
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 Sebastian Pantel
职位 Glass Process Engineer
电话号码 0049 2461 981098 64
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 部门 Sekretariat
电子邮箱 Email Contact

产品 GmbH is a company for engineering and project management in industrial facility design, particularly in the field of glass production (hollow glass containers, plate glass, fiber glass).

The engineering sector concentrates primarily on glass production, compressed air, utility supply and the entire sector of facilities designed in the fiber glass and hollow glass industry. In the area of project management, we provide services for all major industrial projects in facility design.



Company in Middle East to expand into container glass industry

The new factory will have a final capacity of approx. 1150 tons per day with initial stage of 520 tons per day operational by Aug 2023. The location is said to be south of Baghdad with total construction time of 4


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Interview with Dr. Daniel Schippan for glassglobal Compendium, Q4/2014 Issue

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