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The Italian company Nobento has specialised in the production of windows, doors and roller shutters since its foundation in 2009 and also has its own glassworks to cover all its needs. One of the most important products in the Nobento range is TERMOFIBRA®. Steel reinforcement is no longer a requirement for the bracing of this window.

The company Nobento, which has its headquarters and production facility in Alghero (Sardinia), has undergone significant growth in recent years. The company achieved a turnover of €3 million in 2015 with its team of 20 employees and was even able to boost this operating result to €27 million in the 2021 business year with a workforce of 250. The machinery fleet was also steadily expanded within this relatively short period of time. The latest new investment is not only special for Nobento, but also for LiSEC: The 400th LiSEC-manufactured KSR seaming machine sold has left the company's own production facility for the city of Alghero in Sardinia, where it is to be added to Nobento's machine inventory and help the window manufacturer achieve its ambitious goals in the future.

The Italian company primarily distributes its products in Italy. Whereas only about 5% of the total production remains in Sardinia, the remaining 95% is "exported" to the rest of Italy. In addition to well-known wholesalers such as Leroy Merlin Italia and Bricoman, who jointly generate about 30% of the company's turnover, both small retailers and private customers also place their trust in Nobento's products and quality.
Nobento operates across two different company locations and makes the most of the benefits that these two branches bring. The company's sales and customer service offices are located in Cattolica (in the Emilia Romagna region) which means they are close to customers. The actual production as well as the other offices, however, are situated on the northwest coast of Sardinia, which is why the manufacturer can benefit from the special expertise and loyalty of the islanders. Nobento runs several LiSEC plants on a production area of 25,000 m². Following strong growth in recent years, LiSEC's plants are no longer only in use for 7 to 8 hours, but run 24 hours a day in a 3-shift pattern. Increased production and continuous operation means that LiSEC's machines achieve their full potential and create an incentive for the use of automated systems and other technology. 


LiSEC and Nobento have been collaborating since the Italian company was founded. Nobento wants to offer its customers a portfolio of first-class products which is why it has relied on LiSEC's production solutions from the very outset. "We expect the highest level of quality and, ultimately, that's what our customers expect from us. Which is why LiSEC ranks so highly with us, on the one hand because their machines completely fulfil these quality requirements, and on the other hand because the service life of the products is really impressive," raves Andrea Alessandrini, CEO of Nobento. And he adds: "LiSEC fulfils our expectations as a manufacturer of the highest quality glass processing machines from every point of view and has never disappointed our demands in this respect. Nobento employees can also rely on the extremely short response times of our partner. The possibility of support through the online maintenance service LiSEC.eye makes life easier for us, since this platform significantly reduces the time needed to rectify causes compared to all other solutions."
If there are any questions, Nobento approaches the Italian team, led by Massimo De Feo and Gianmaria Ricciuto as direct regional contacts, to whose full and competent support they can always rely. "We are already working on increasing productivity and doubling glass production capacity by 2025," says Gianmaria Ricciuto.


Nobento employs a combined glass cutting machine GFB-VB manufactured by LiSEC for cutting laminated and float glass, which is driven by a self-propelled glass storage system of the PKL series designed as a bridge trolley. The insulating glass line from LiSEC, which consists of the fully automatic washing and drying unit VHW 27/6M, the gas filling press FPS and the system for sealing insulating glass units VL-1N, operates all day long during the production of insulating glass. Tried and tested machines such as a BSV-45NK, an A1RL and a BH-25V are used for processing spacer frames. Production planning is supported and largely automated by the software solution developed by LiSEC. Consequently, at Nobento, the KSR system from LiSEC has recently started to contribute to production. Andrea Alessandrini: "We are delighted that this investment has given both companies a reason to celebrate. It is the workers who ultimately decide on the choice of machine, and they have to get acquainted with how the equipment works. I consider it important to have my employees take joint responsibility and contribute their individual expertise in order to strengthen the innovative and success-oriented power of the company. This was also the case when it came to the decision of investing in the new processing machine. The KSR from LiSEC is clearly the best solution for my team so that we can continue to produce successfully and with high quality in the future".

All four sides of a sheet can be measured and seamed fully automatically with the KSR glass edge grinder from LiSEC. This LiSEC processing machine is characterised by perfect seaming of the glass edges and the ability to automatically adjust the grinding belts to the sheet thickness. The machine, which is made from stainless steel, can be easily integrated into any production line. The long service life of the grinding belts is what makes the KSR system the perfect addition to an insulating glass line or for combination with a tempering oven. Further information about this topic and in particular about the professional processing of glass – ranging from grinding and polishing through to gentle dressing of the edges – can be found on our website at:


The employees at Nobento are essential for the long-term success of the company. They work with great enthusiasm and drive every day looking for the most modern solutions to meet the future requirements of the customers through a high degree of innovation.
"Innovation is driven by the needs of the market and the resulting demand," explains CEO Andrea Alessandrini. On the outside, modern windows barely differ from the products of the 1980s, yet from a technical point of view, contemporary windows are in a completely different league. Being able to meet the demand for ever better and higher quality products calls for cooperation with a first-class and industry-leading partner - especially when it comes to the company's own machinery. "A strong partnership, like the one we have with LiSEC, will allow us to continue solving innovation and automation issues together and to address these exciting technical challenges in the future."

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