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Furnace technology in the glass industry

With the use of PIEPER furnace video technology, all processes taking place in the glass furnace can be monitored, controlled and evaluated – both the visible ones in the normal light spectrum and invisible processes in ultraviolet range. In this way, glass production can be controlled in all phases, becoming safer and thus more effective.

Our furnace technology has been proven for years and is constantly being further developed. PIEPER complete systems for the glass industry are in use worldwide and are considered safe and reliable. When new float glass lines are built, our furnace solutions are often firmly planned in from the very beginning; the same applies to plants that are overhauled and rebuilt.

We offer our customers both free planning assistance with the conception as well as consultations at the respective location of the production plant – worldwide.

Possible applications of the PIEPER furnace systems in a float glass line

  • Batch charger
    The proper functioning of the charging machine in front of the furnace is monitored by cameras in special housings
  • Melting end / slide control
    To monitor the amount of glass batch exiting, there is a combustion chamber system on the right and the left side of the front wall of the glass furnace.
  • Spread area
    Two furnace probes are used to monitor the even distribution of the glass batch.
  • Float bath
    PIEPER’s in-house developed glass edge detection system identifies, analyzes and provides information on gross/net widths, glass ribbon drift and even the distance between a float glass edge and the top roller track. With the help of up to 24 cameras per production line, the system provides live values and alerts in case of deviations from previously defined references values.
  • Shoulder / Water fencing
    In the shoulder and water fence area, two furnace probes are used to check the glass flow and the position of any retracted cooling devices.
  • Conditioner / Glass exit
    The exit is checked by two furnace probes; the correct glass outflow is monitored by two water-cooled cameras.

Depending on the application and requirements, the PIEPER furnace systems for the glass industry include different models of media and control cabinets, which, in addition to filtering the cooling water, are also used to monitor, control and regulate the flow rate.

Pneumatically controlled automatic retraction devices to protect against overheating of the camera technology complete the portfolio for the glass industry.

Product range excerpt

  • IP network and analog cameras for industrial use and surveillance tasks
  • Furnace cameras, probes and special furnace lenses
  • Special cameras (e.g. line cameras, thermal imaging cameras)
  • EX-proof camera systems
  • Camera protective housings (stainless steel, aluminum etc.)
  • Air- and/or water-cooled camera housings and furnace probes
  • Peltier-cooled camera housings (stainless steel, aluminum etc.)
  • Industrial camera connectivity (multi-function camera junction boxes, media cabinets)
  • Complementary components (displays, lenses, server, network video recorder etc.)
  • Video management systems
  • Customized software applications (e.g. glass edge detection system)

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