REF Minerals SIA

REF Minerals is an European based company operating worldwide since 1997, through its own subsidiaries and partners recycling secondary refractory materials.

Today REF Minerals operates in more than 50 countries mainly in glass, fiber glass, metallurgical and ceramic industries, offering following services:

  • Dismantling furnaces
  • Sorting refractory debris
  • Cleaning of materials
  • Waste management and disposal services
  • Processing secondary raw materials

We operate our own processing plants, enabling us to produce different sizes and qualities.

REF Minerals is a supplier of recycled secondary raw materials based on Zirconsilicate, Zirconoxide, Chromium, Aluminium oxide, etc. to serve the refractory and ceramic industries. We contribute saving natural resources and support our customers to benefit from sustainable reuse of reclaimed materials. Among our long term customers are most of the worlds leading refractory and ceramic companies.


公司 REF Minerals SIA
地址 Kugu street 28-30
1048 Riga
国家 拉脱维亚
电话号码 00371 2 6669239
传真 00371 6 7509110
电子邮箱 Email Contact
创建年份 1997


姓名 先生 Raitis Krastins
职位 CEO, REF Minerals SIA
电话号码 00371 2 6412525
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 Marcis Pukitis
职位 Purchase & Sales, REF Minerals SIA
电话号码 00371 2 6669239
传真 00371 6 7509110
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 Werner Odreitz
职位 General Manager, REF Minerals GmbH
电话号码 00371 2 8625522
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 Ilmars Krivads
职位 General Manager, REF Magnesia SIA
电话号码 00371 2 6668888
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 Janis Donis
职位 REF Minerals Greater Asia and Pacific
电话号码 0086 13 788937771
电子邮箱 Email Contact


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