Rurex-Stahl - Dr. Otto Kukla GmbH

RUREX-Stahl today is a world wide operating manufacturer for the glass industry.
With approx. 15 employees in Gelsenkirchen the turnover in 2015 was 3 million EURO.

The export rate was more than 75% in 2015 (more than 60% in non EU countries).
RUREX is market leader in the manufacturing and commissioning of complete glass production lines for solar, figured and profiled glass.

For the container glass industry we are supplying worldwide our heat- and wear resistant spare parts, such as springs, dead plates, shear blades in many special designs, especially made for high-speed IS- machines.


公司 Rurex-Stahl - Dr. Otto Kukla GmbH
地址 Uechtingstraße 19 / Halle A3
45881 Gelsenkirchen
国家 Germany
电话号码 0049 209 856 00
传真 0049 209 16557 31
电子邮箱 Email Contact
职员 15
年营业额 3.000.000,00 EURO
创建年份 1949
出口价格 80%


姓名 先生 Florian Zapadtka
职位 Manager
电话号码 0049 209 856 00
传真 0049 209 16557 31
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 工程学位 Mario Ruzok
职位 Technical Engineer
电话号码 0049 209 85600
传真 0049 209 1655731
电子邮箱 Email Contact
姓名 先生 Mike Hofer
职位 Sales Manager
电话号码 0049 209 85600
传真 0049 209 1655731
电子邮箱 Email Contact


Supplier of Casting and Rolling Technology, Glass Drawing Technology, Profile Glass Machines, Transportrollers, Tablerollers, Lehrrollers, Orificerings, Shearblades

Castglass machines
RUREX is amongst the leading manufacturers for low iron solar panel glass forming machines.
New generation of RUREX machines for 2 mm solarglass, pattern, wire and figured glass. Frequency controlled gears. Synchronisation of main rollers. Maintenance free bearings. Electronic controlled glassthickness adjustment. Emergency quick lift out for top roller. Wire unwinder system with tension/pressure leading roller.

Profileglass machines
Infinitly variable RUREX machine for all profile widths between 220 - 500 mm. Frequency controlled gears. Maintenance free bearings. Profiles with wire net and length strings. Colour coating. .

RUREX is producer and supplier for all types of rollers.

  • Main rollers: plain and pattern
  • Transportrollers
  • Tablerollers
  • Lehrrollers

RUREX is worldwide supplier for shearblades in a special anticorrosive alloy: — due to our hightech production process you will obtain a maximum in EFFICIENCY, PRECISION and QUALITY.
On request RUREX supplies a various sorts of special models (waveshaped cutting edge, cooling slots or drills, bigger radii, grinded fixing areas and others).
Also available shear blades in tungsten carbide.


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New Generation of RUREX forming Machines for ultrathin solarglass
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RUREX: New technology for the glass industry
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2 line solar glas production
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