Siegler Hohlglasservice


公司 Siegler Hohlglasservice
地址 Wiesenfurt 45a
97833 Frammersbach
国家 德国
电话号码 0049 9355 7163
传真 0049 9355 7597
电子邮箱 Email Contact
创建年份 1989


姓名 先生 Alfred Siegler
职位 Geschäftsführer
电话号码 0049 9355 7163
传真 0049 9355 7597
电子邮箱 Email Contact


We carry out the following works, respectively support them with our Know How:

  • Training of your IS-personnel for example in:
    • Funktion and performance of mechanisms of an IS-machine and error detection
    • Funktion and operation of feeder mechanisms
    • Elimination of errors at glass containers 
    • Support of production 
  • Development and installation of special solutions 
  • Aligning of mechanisms and delivery systems 
  • Installation or control and coordination of the installation of complete IS-equipments 
  • Refurbishment, maintenance and installation of feeder mechanisms 
  • Modernisation of equipment by means of electronic controls 
  • Installation of equipment for Narrow-Neck Press-Blow-Process 
  • Undertaking of regular maintenance and control of your machines including report 
  • Change from scoop mechanism to gob distributor 
  • Repair in case of fault each time

If you need further information about our field of activities or look for special solutions for your company do not hesitate to contact us.


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JPG 19252 Overhaul of IS-8
Überholung und Modifizierung einer Maschine in unserer Firma / Overhaul and modification of a machine in our works

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Siegler Hohlglasservice公司在以下领域提供产品和服务: Feeder Repair, IS Machine Repair, Training of staff




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