STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG

Three chemical engineers, who have known each other since college, have founded STG Cottbus in early 1990 in Cottbus, Germany.
With January 01, 2012, almost 22 years after foundation of legal form as GmbH, STG has restructured:
New company "STG Combustion Control GmbH & Co KG" takes over the businesses of GmbH and will be your partner for the future.

As an innovative and technology-oriented engineering company STG now has a staff of more than 50 engineers and employees developing solutions for

- energy savings and NOx-reduction
- progressive burners
- sensor technology
- innovative automation and process control systems

not only in Germany but in more than 30 European and overseas countries.

Traditionally STG finds its customers mainly in glass industry, but also in ceramic and metallurgic production.

Scope of supply and services:

- Furnace Process Control

  • CAD-Planning
  • Assembling of electrical cabinets
  • Field installation
  • Programming of DCS
  • Visualisation
  • Installation and Start up of Hard-and Software
  • Training and instruction of customer´s staff (either on site or at STG)

- Solutions for heat and burner technology for furnace and downstream systems

    DeNOx Technology consisting of following components:
  • Oxygen probes and Lambda control
  • DeNOx Natural Gas and Heavy Oil burners
  • Optical Melting Control
  • Technology for optimisation of combustion air distribution (Air Curtain System)

- Measurement instrumentation for high temperature range

  • Oxygen probes and Lambda control

- Environmental engineering in order to reduce, better to avoid noxious emissions resulting from high temperature processes within the glass industry

  • Strategies for rational use of energy
  • Thermotechnical analyses

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