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Saatilene Hi-Glass

Saatilene Hi-Glass is a high modulus, low elongation monofilament polyester screen printing fabric with a proprietary surface treatment. Developed for glass printing industries, automotive glazing, flat glass, hollow ware, special glass etc.
Recommended for printing ceramic enamel, organic ink, uv ink.

Saatilene Hi-Glass is a high modulus screen fabric that is factory finished with a special surface treatment known as “plasma treatment”, and it’s available up to 4 meter.


  •  Qualitative, reproducible and fully controllable process.
  •  Effective treatment: higher degree of activation, longer shelf life than alternative methods.
  •  No fabric damages or bulk property changes.
  •  Environmental and operator friendly technique: no chemical products.
  •  No degreasing pretreatment step prior to stencil processing. Direct to use.
  •  Superior stencil adhesion, resulting in less stencil breakdown on press, delivering longer print runs.
  •  In special cases, shorter exposure times for finer detail with no compromise in stencil durability.

Saativit Emulsions
Clarity and precision
Saativit is Saati Chemicals line of high quality direct emulsions for screenprinting a broad range of glass products. From glass containers and bottles to appliances, to automotive glass, Saativit offers emulsions that satisfy the most demanding expectations for print definition, stencil resolution, solvent resistance and durability.

Saativit Vitrum HU

  •  Built-in features specially designed for glass printers
  •  Controlled particle size for excellent print definition
  •  Upon drying, lacks the tackiness typical of dual-cure emulsion

Saativit Vitrum HHU blue

  •  Higher solids and higher viscosity version of Vitrum HU
  •  For coating coarser mesh
  •  Upon drying, lacks the tackiness typical of dual-cure emulsions

Saativit Vitrum HT

  •  Produces permanent, durable stencils
  •  Use with Saati Chemicals Fixer 9

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