Saati S.p.A.

SAATI is a multinational group with its corporate headquarters in northern Italy since 1935. Today we are a leader in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of advanced technical textiles and chemicals. SAATI specializes in precise woven fabrics and chemical technologies used in the fields of Filtration, Screen printing, Structural composites and Ballistic protection. The development of enhanced performance coatings lies at SAATI’s core.

SAATI – Printing and Chemicals Divisions make Saati a solution provider in the pre-press sector. We are the only industrial company to simultaneously manufacture and sell both textiles and chemicals for the screen printing process. This synergy helps ensure the best quality, an extensive range and the highest performance levels in the application phase. 

Specialized experience, dedicated laboratories and exclusive production technology result in screen fabrics which, thanks to a continuously improving weaving process and proprietary finishing treatments, achieve excellent levels of performance.

The Printing Division innovates on high resistance textiles to increase mechanical resistance and dimensional stability; Saati is the only supplier in the market able to provide products with a plasma surface treatment. This is one of several special finishings developed by Saati to further enhance the fabrics characteristics and performances.

The Chemicals Division offers frame adhesives, mesh degreasers, photosensitive emulsions, capillary films, blockouts and fillers, and reclaim chemistry, for several applications. In each market segment, Saati Chemicals products provide superior performance, consistency and top quality print results.

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